Organic Seed Sources



Why Buy Organic Seeds?


(Answer courtesy of High Mowing Organic Seed Co.)

Below is a pretty good list of suppliers
of certified organic seed. The one’s marked with a ♥ are
ones our Farm Manager has bought from (let us
if we’ve left anyone out).

A note about buying from Canada (or
overseas in general):

Customs restrictions often make seed importation
difficult, if not impossible. Make sure you discuss this
issue with any seed supplier outside the U.S.

And everyone needs to visit
this site:

Organic Seed Alliance

HERE’S a great listing of Organic Seed Sources by Off Grid Info. Maybe they have more time to keep their list updated than I do mine. Again, it’s HERE.

Organic Seed Suppliers

Abundant Life Seeds (Oregon)

Adaptive Seeds (Oregon)

Agrestal Organic Heritage Seeds (Ontario, Canada)

Albert Lea Seed (Organic grain and cover crop seed – Minnesota)

All Good Things Organic Seed Co. (California)

American Meadows (Vermont)

Blue River Hybrids (Kelley, Iowa)

Botanical Interest (Colorado)

Bountiful Gardens (Calif.)

Country Creek Acres (Missouri)

Cultivariable (Wa)

C W Ray LLP Farm and Forest Products (Washington)

Cyber Help for Organic Farmers (Lists Organic Seed Sources in Canada)

Dirt Works (Vermont – They have organic cover crop seed!)

E&M Seeds (Washington)

Ed Hume Seeds (Puyallup, Wa)

Eden Seeds (Australia)

Environmental Seed Producers (Calif.)

Eternal Seed Co. (Quebec, Canada)

Fedco (Maine)

Fruition Seeds (New York)

Full Circle Seeds (British Columbia, Canada)

Genesis Seeds (Israel)

Heirloom Onions dot com (Alabama)

Heirloom Organics (Oregon)

Heirloom Seeds (Pennsylvania)

High Mowing Seeds (Vermont)

Horizon Herbs (Oregon)

Hudson Valley Seed Library (New York)

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Washington – Organic Potato Seed too!)

J.L Hudson Organics (Calif.)

Johnnys Selected Seeds (Maine)

Lonesome Whistle Farm (Oregon)

Main Stree Seed and Supply (Michigan)

Mapple Farm (New Brunswick, Canada)

Mesa Maize (Colorado)

Nichols Garden Nursery (Oregon) Boycott! Owned by Monsanto or Seminis or sells some seeds from them.*

Oak Tree Seeds (New Jersey)

Oatsplanter Farm Seed (Washington)

Organic Seed Alliance Database (Washington)

Organic Seed Finder (Database by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies)

Organic Seed People (Oregon)

Organic Sprouting Seeds (New York)

Organica Seed (Massachusetts)

Osborne International Seed Co. (Washington)

Park’s Organic Seed(South Carolina) Boycott! Owned by Monsanto or Seminis or sells some seeds from them.*

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply – Organic Seed Packs (Calif.)

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply – Bulk Organic Veggie Seed (Calif.)

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply – Cover Crop & pasture Seed (Calif.)

Peace Seeds (Oregon)(Not certified organic but grown using organic practices. Fascinating website and Alan is great!)

Peace Seedlings (Next generation of public domain plant breeders and seed saving stewards of diversity. Continues the work of the ever growing legacy of Peace Seeds)

Prairie Road Organic Seed (North Dakota)

Pucell Mountain Farms (Beans and Lentils – Idaho)

Richters Herbs – SowNatural Seeds (Toronto, Canada)

Ronniger Potato Farm (Colorado)

Sacred Seed Exotics (Medicinal Herb Seeds) (Ontario, Canada)

Salt Spring Seeds (British Columbia, Canada)

Sand Hill Preservation Center (Iowa)

Save Our Seeds Project (Virginia)

Seeds of Change (New Mexico)

Seeds of Diversity (Ontario, Canada)

Seed Savers Exchange (Iowa)

Siskiyou Seed (Oregon)

Snow Seed Company (Calif.)

Southern Exposure (Virginia)

Sow True Seed (North Carolina)

Stellar Seeds (British Columbia, Canada)

Sunshine Farm (British Columbia, Canada)

Sustainable Seed Co. (Calif.)

Sweet Corn Organic Nursery (Arizona)

Territorial Seed Company (Oregon)

The Organic Seed Co. (Michigan and Australia)

TomatoFest (LOTS of tomato varieties – all organic – Calif.)

True Leaf Market (Utah)

Turtle Tree Seeds (New York)

Two Wings Farm (British Columbia, Canada)

Uprising Seeds (Washington)

Vesey’s Organic Seeds (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Western Seeds

Wild Garden Seed  (Oregon)

William Dam Seeds Ltd. (Ontario, Canada)

Wood Prairie (Maine)


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