Inland FoodWise Online – Newsletters and Action Alerts for the Inland Northwest Foodshed

ForFB-2It’s high time the Inland Northwest region had its own web portal dedicated to reporting on issues related to building a sustainable local food system.

We all eat, and we all have a stake in what goes on in our foodshed. Not only that, but because food is so fundamental to our existence on so many levels (our health, productivity, economic well-being, quality of life, sense of community… where does one stop?), the intention is for this project to be a vehicle that informs as well as activates its subscriber base to take positions on food policy and push our decision-makers to refine their perspectives and make the right choices.

Please have a look at the Premier Edition of the Inland FoodWise Newsletter on the Inland FoodWise Online website. The newsletter, edited and published by Chrys Ostrander, will include interviews with local food activists, farmers and gardeners, profiles of local food businesses and non-profits and write-ups about current food policy issues. The newsletter’s approach will be one of unabashed advocacy journalism with a strong point of view founded on the values of the original organic food movement, progressive sustainable agriculture and permaculture principles.

In addition to the newsletter, in between published editions, subscribers will receive timely email “FoodWise Action Alerts” informing them of actions they can take to help craft a more sustainable and equitable food system. You will not be deluged by emails from us, but the ones we do send be selected because your voice will make a difference in some of the most crucial issues facing our region today.

The newsletter is starting out as a quarterly journal that will be available as an email subscription as well as on-line. It will always be a free publication. In addition, you may also choose to register a user account on the Inland FoodWise Newsletter website, which will enable you to engage in conversations by commenting on the articles posted there. We hope that you like what you see.

Here are the titles of the articles featured in the premier edition. Look for our second edition coming out Sept. 1.

Chasing Toxic Herbicides Out of Washington State
Chrys Ostrander

Eastern Washington Farm Receives Grant from West-side Foundation for Solar-powered Drip Irrigation System
Thom Foote

Getting Flame Retardants Out of the Food Supply
Erika Schreder

Rural Roots: Healthy Farms, Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities
Karen Chojnacki

The Inland Northwest Food Network Celebrates our Region’s Food System
Teri McKenzie

The Permaculture Conservation Trust
Deborah Berman, Suvia Judd

The Soil Food Web: Life Beneath Our Feet
Jefferson Edward

What’s Wrong with Organic
Chrys Ostrander

Wild Foods of Spring: Nettles and Morels served up with some musings!
Carol McFarland